This is the third in a series of blogs throughout September and October!

Advocating for Traffic Calming
On a few recent occasions I have spoken up at Council advocating for traffic calming measures, particularly red light cameras and speed photo radar. I'd like to suggest that this is part of my platform in running for a third term of Council in the Town of Parry Sound.

We know that excessive, reckless driving and speeding are urgent concerns and ubiquitous across the province. We in Parry Sound are not alone as we somehow try to manage and enforce our streets. We all observe aggressive, reckless driving every time we get behind the wheel. On the road every day I witness an alarming amount of carelessness. We are appalled by the disregard for rules and for the safety of others. I am particularly concerned over red light violators. An orange light turning red means to reckless drivers, "Hurry up, enter intersection and speed through directly!" It doesn't matter to them that there is an anxious driver sitting in the middle of an intersection waiting to make that left hand turn, especially since the others in adjacent lanes now have a green light. There is this sense of road entitlement, heedlessness and thoughtlessness!

How to you legislate consideration? It's my opinion, most reasonable and practical efforts to encourage safe driving seem to fall upon and be heard only by the 'choir'. What seems to get their attention is the reaching, very deeply, into their pockets with hefty fines and a record of demerit points. This is why I will continue to fight for photo surveillance and red light and speeding camera units strategically placed around Parry Sound. I have asked about and discussed the idea of such technology in Council. The Greater City of Sudbury is implementing just that. Entering an intersection when the light has already turned red will cost drivers $325.

Stop lights and signs, yield signs, posted speed limits do not seem to work. As Parry Sound experiences growth we are going to need to find creative and effective means of traffic calming and enforcement. It's not practical to put speed bumps in at every intersection and the OPP can't be everywhere all the time. However the camera and radar technology can be positioned 24/7.

As time goes by I do hope to encourage fellow Councillors and Town Staff to seek out such solutions helping to keep our roads and pedestrians much safer.