This is the first in a series of blogs throughout September and October!

The Guy with the Tie
Johnny Cash was known as 'the man in black'. Don Cherry is known for his flamboyant suits. Singer Ed Sheeran is always seen wearing sneakers while Adele is recognized for her 'little black dress (LBD)'. Doc Severinsen would walk out wearing the most eccentric, loud clothing items! The clothing is their signature.  Someone described a signature look as "the flagship look of your own personal style". However, the 'look' not withstanding, there is usually a meaning, a symbol or a statement behind it. It is not just self-expression.

I'm the guy with the tie!  That's my signature. From day one on Council eight years ago with barely an exception or two, I have sported a tie. When I was in media sales, I wore a tie.  As a mobile disc jockey I wore a tie.  Why? Well I can assure you it's not to show off, out-do my colleagues, or attempt to put on airs. Wearing the tie is simply my way of expressing how seriously I take my job and how meaningful to me the work is. It's also my way in an effort to inspire a sense of confidence and professionalism from peers and the public. I feel more confident and it's an endeavour that is no less important or significant to me whether in person or in a virtual setting.

I imagine some would think this is old fashioned, outdated, and that it is time to 'get with the times'. Some would remind us that the there has been this evolving casual trend for years, and one that has been quickened by the pandemic. For me, I just think the extra fuss over a nice shirt and tie is worth it.