My Platform
Planning, Decision Making and Teamwork

The old adage rings loud. Generally, we do not plan to fail, but fail to plan. I am passionate about focusing on the big picture and setting the bar as high as possible for our town. At the risk of appearing to spiel out political rhetoric and promises, I pledge to continue advocating for a growing, affluent workforce taking advantage of today's technology enabling all kinds of commercial and industrial jobs never before possible in our district. Infrastructure upgrading, suitable housing and so much more are required, but must be accomplished with solid planning, vision and thought, and not rendered in a piecemeal fashion.

Stephen Covey said, "I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions." I like to believe that a strong Council demonstrating real vision and leadership can and would make decisions that enhance the Parry Sound 'product'. I want to be part of that team!

Growth is coming and we must be ready for the impact and demands on municipal services. I ask for your vote in October.

Thank you!